Word! – DIY Word/Phrase T-Shirt



Word and phrase shirts are everywhere I look right now; with just about any word or funny, smart, and outrageous phrase or comment you can think of. So, of course you know I just had to make my own, right!

Materials Needed:

  • Plain t-shirt
  • Iron-on felt letters
  • Scissors
  • Iron/Iron board
  • Clever word or phrase πŸ˜‰

I bought my plain t-shirt from target from the men’s section and the iron-on felt letters are from the craft section of Joann Fabrics (see picture below). Once I thought of what I wanted to say, I then cut the letters out, carefully planned out the spacing and then went to ironing. This is such a quick and easy DIY! I love it!

When doing this one just make sure you plan it out, read the instructions on the packaging, space the letters out to your liking, and make sure that the letters are all facing the right way before you iron them on. LOL I did make that mistake with two of the “e’s” and had to pill them off and start over on them. LOL

Once all done, I cut the t-shirt to be a crop top!:D


Check out how I styled it in theΒ Spring 2014 DIY Look Book. πŸ˜‰



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