Woodland Fairy Elf / Mother Nature Costume – Phoenix Comicon 2015 (Featuring Amon – Legend of Korra)

Photo by Phoenix New Times Photo by Phoenix New Times

I love fairies, I mean I really really love them. And so for this year I decided to be a fairy for Phoenix Comicon. We’ll not really a fairy because if you’ve ever been to a Con, in costume, you would know that its sucks, when you have large props that people just keep bumping in to. And I know if I had fairy wings, they would get trampled on. So I had to settle with a elf. But I didn’t want to be just any old regular elf. I was going for more of a Lord of the Rings, regal looking elf. To pull this look off I created the costume by using McCalls Pattern M6819. I bought the fabric from Joann’s and SAS Fabric Store.

To make the ears I found this really easy YouTube tutorial .

To make the head piece and arm cuffs I used Worbla. This was my first time using Worbla and man it is pretty awesome. You can heat it up by using a heat gun and shape it into any shape you want, and it cools that way.

My boyfriend made the walking staff for me. Its made using a PVC pipe, plastic clear ball, LED lights, and fake vines. I love how the “orb” actually lit up!

Screenshot_2015-06-13-16-06-15-3 IMG_20150518_223959






Because we had weekend passes and I just had to get the most out of these ears, I decided to go as a Vulcan Star Trek Officer, not Uhura lol. I guess I could have also been know as Spoke and Uhura’s love child. :p


My boyfriend decided to go as the character Amon, from Legend of Korra. He made the mask and accessories and I made the grey tunic piece.


We love being able to create costumes and share them in an environment where everyone appreciates your hard work. I can’t wait until next time, I have so many ideas! <3

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