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I recently had the honor of making THE birthday dress for my sister. Let me just take a quick second to paint a clear picture of this beautiful diva. She is strong minded, knows what she wants and not afraid to go for it. When it comes to her birthday celebrations, there is no doubt that a fabulous shindig will be coordinated regardless of what age she is turning lol. And yes, she is so detailed on what she wants that she plans her own events, making sure that everything is according to her liking. With all that said, when I said I would make her something to wear, she was ready with her long list of, shall I call them, preferences. :p After finally deciding what she had in mind and kinda just giving up and letting me do what I do best, this is what we came up with.

We purchased the fabric from Joan Fabric store.  The pleather material was purchased from a local fabric store.

For this dress I used Butterick B5554 pattern and made the following alterations:

  • Changed top to sweetheart strapless top
  • Added about 4 inches to the hemline
  • Added a split to the back


I used pleather for the trim on the neck line, down the sides (aka tuxedo stripes), and on the bottom of the hemline. It was kind of difficult to work with this fabric. I had to use a heavy duty needle to sew the pleather on the dress.


After a few adjustments to ensure a perfect fit, I was very impressed with how it turned out and how well it fit on her. She loved it! The fabric had great substance to be able to stay up on its own without straps or boning and had just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable wear. Yay! 😀

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