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This midi dress (aka bodycon dress) is a perfect addition to a fall wardrobe. I saw this gorgeous long sleeved red dress on Nasty Gal and thought, “I can make that!” And so I did! I used the fabric that I bought from my trip to Mood because it had just the right amount of stretch needed to achieve this look.
Here is how I did it…
I used a dress that had the similar shape and length that I was going for as a pattern. You can also see that I placed a tee-shirt under the dress as well. I did this to adjust the top of the dress to the shape that I preferred.
Here it is cut out. I then folded it in half to make sure it was even, trimming the areas that didn’t quite match up.
I then used the sleeve from another dress as a pattern for the sleeves.
Here you can see that I just added 3-4 more inches to make the sleeve longer.
I then used that cut out sleeve as a pattern to make the second sleeve.
Here it is with all the pieces cut out and sewn together. I did have to take in the width of the sleeves a bit to make them fit properly. Then hemmed the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the dress.
 And here it is! My very own midi dress with long sleeves featuring a high neckline! I’m really happy with how it turned out. ;D

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