Valentine’s Day Inspired Nail Design


I wanted to do a Valentine’s Day DIY sewing project but just ran out of time. Instead I wanted to share with you this Valentine’s Day inspired nail art. I’m all about getting my nails did with all the cute little designs out there but it can cost a pretty penny if you keep the habit up every week or two. So, for us “Do It Yourselfers” I wanted to show you that you too can have funky nail designs for half the price (with a little bit of practice ;). For the DIY I had my sister, Megan, do my nails. Check out this quick how to on achieving the look.

Materials Used: Several nail polishes in various colors including a clear polish, nail glue, nail art of your choice, nail art brush for drawing, and those little wooden sticks that you use to pick up the nail art and place on nail :)

Nail Polish 2

Nail Polish 1

The colors that were used on my nails was hot pink, light pink, white, black, and silver glitter confetti.

Nail Art

Small white pearls and hearts were also used on my nails.

So the idea is to first plan your design out and then you just go for it! It’s pretty much a trial and error type of process LOL. When placing the nail art on the nails we first placed a clear coat of polish down and then laid out the design. Next, you will want to seal them with the nail glue. If not, the designs wont last too long on your nails as it will start to fall off within hours. Also, don’t forget to use the nail brush to draw cute nail designs. Don’t be afraid to try different designs. You have nail polish remover so no worries 😉

HandAnd that’s pretty much it! I am pretty happy with how my nails turned out. Good luck with your nails and I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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