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So, I have to admit, I’ve been feeling the whole, “boyfriend jeans” look. If you’ve been following some of my previous posts you may notice that I tend to lean more to the “casual/sporty/tomboy” mixed with a hint of “girly” look, if that sums it up lol. Anyway, I’m all about stylish comfort and so it was only natural for me to want to add these jeans to my wardrobe. However, once again I could not bring myself to pay anywhere from $70 – $140 for a pair of jeans and so, an idea was born!

I snagged these pair of jeans from my boyfriend. Yes! These are REAL boyfriend jeans! lol He was going to throw them away because the front pockets had holes in them. I just kept them thinking I could reuse the fabric for some other project not knowing that these bad boys would soon be added into my jean rotation. Sweet! Boyfriend jeans for free!!! And the best part about them is that he has already worn them so much that they have a really good distress look to them. 

Want a pair of your own REAL boyfriend jeans? It’s easy!

You can either steal an old pair of jeans from your boyfriend, husband, SO, etc., or you can stop by your local thrift or 2nd hand store and shop in the men’s section.


Once you’ve found a fair of jeans, you will need to measure and pin where you want to make the adjustments. I took mines in about an inch to half an inch. Try the jeans on, without poking yourself with the pins, to see if you have taken them in enough.


IMG_20140321_190338Once you have it pinned the way you like , mark and draw a line where you will need to sew and then sew.

Lastly, trim of the extra fabric after you’ve sewn the sides up. And you’re done! Put them on, cuff them up, and you are good to go.

Tip: When sewing, you may want to use a heavy duty needle, one used to sew denim, and jean thread.

Stay tuned to see how I style these babies. 😀


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