New Year’s Eve White Sequin Midi Skirt

Not sure what to make for your NYE outfit and need something quick and easy? Try this quick DIY on for size.

Wearing: DIY skirt, $3 Goodwill sweat shirt with a DIY cut neck line, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes 

Materials used: Stretchy sequin fabric, stretchy fabric for lining of skirt, matching thread, 1 inch elastic band, sewing machine, ruler, and paper for pattern making. 

Warning: Sequin fabric can be hard to sew with a regular sewing machine and a regular needle. You may want to use a heavy duty sewing machine and/or a heavy duty needle. Also, sew really slow and careful. Trust me on that one! I bent one needle and broke another. LOL 

Note: Originally, I couldn’t make up my mind on whether to make a maxi length skirt or a midi length skirt. So, in the pictures below you will see me starting off making a maxi length skirt, but in the end, cutting it into a midi. Don’t you just love having the ability to change it up at the very last minute?! I know I do! 😀 

Let’s get started. 


 Start off by making your pattern. You can do this by taking the measurements of your waist and the largest part of your hips. You will also need to measure out how long you want your skirt.  If you making a maxi skirt make sure you measure the length while you are wearing the heals you plan on wearing with the skirt. 


 Now pin your pattern to the fabric. 

Then cut…

Then do the same with your lining fabric (i.e. pining and cutting).

The next step is to sew the side seams on both your skirt and your lining.



Next is attaching the lining to the skirt. Turn the skirt right sides out. Leave the lining with wrong sides out. Now slip the lining in to the skirt, with the wrong sides facing each other. Pin in place. 


Now, take your elastic band and cut to the measurement of your waist but then minus an inch. Sew the ends together, with one end slightly on top of the other.



 Now, put the band on the outside of the waist and pin, stretching the band to fit evenly around the skirt and lining. Sew the top of the band, skirt and lining all together, stretching the band as your sew. 


Note: You may want to do the waist band differently because I found that since the fabric is sequin, when I rolled the band over, the sequin scratches me when ever I pull my skirt on. OUCH! lol Oh well, live and learn. :)



Here you will see that I decided to make it a midi instead. I cute it to the length of another skirt that I really like. Also, for this fabric, I didn’t hem the bottom because I thought that it didn’t look bad at all unfinished. If you like you can hem it. And that’s it! Pretty simple! 


Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. And may your 2014 be SEW awesome! 

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