In that kind of MOOD

Last minute road trips with the girls are the best! Wouldn’t you agree? Especially when there’s shopping involved. ;D. While in LA I had the chance to check out Mood Fabrics for the first time ever. And let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store. If I had more time I could have stand there for hours (which would have resulted in spending lots more money). Anyways, I just want to briefly share my experience at Mood Fabrics in LA.
The first thing I saw in the window at Mood. Love the mixture of magazine covers, stripes and polka dots!
Rows and rows and rows of fabric!
After sending about an hour in the store I came across this fabric below. Its khaki/fuchsia multicolor floral and animal jersey print stretchy material. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make with this but I was thinking I could possibly make a long pencil skirt or a body con midi dress. We will see. 😉


Their button collection was pretty awesome too. Even though I currently was not in need of buttons I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick out a few. And I will let you in on a little secret. When I come across a really cool looking button I just cant pass up, I generally just buy two and turn them into a pair of earrings. 😉
Below are the buttons I ended up purchasing. They have a kind of a nautical vibe to them but also has that signature lion design that is really in style right now. I also picked up a larger button so that I can use it for a matching necklace. I will definitely post pics of this little project when its all done. 😀
Over all my experience at Mood was awesome! Staff there were very helpful. Yes, the prices are a bit high but if you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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