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Say hello to my new favorite skirt! A denim skirt like this is a hard find and if you do it may cost you $60 or more. I made this skirt out of a pair of really large jeans I found at a local vintage boutique’s “Fill the Bag” Sidewalk Sale. I was so impressed with my skill of being able to stuff two pairs of jeans and old denim jacket in grocery bag, spending a whopping $5! Anyways I digress… You will want to find a larger pair of jeans so that you will have more fabric to be able to work with when creating your skirt. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I pretty much cut it all up and then tried to figure out a way to put back together as a skirt. But let me warn you that sewing with real denim fabric can be a bit difficult. I think I ended up breaking two needles before switching to a heavy duty needle. Also, be careful if using a serger (interlocker), I had some problems there too lol. But hey, you learn by doing. 😀 Anyways, here’s how I went about this little project…



First I cut the front and back of the jeans apart from each other.

IMAG1512  IMAG1502

Then I cut the waist bands off both the front and back of the jeans. See two pics above and the one below. Note: You may not want to do this because as you will see later in these pictures I ended up sewing it right back on.



I also separated the legs of both front and back.


Okay now put the peices together, sewing the front legs together and attaching the waist band and then doing the same to the back part of the jeans. But, you will see below that I added a zipper to the back of the skirt.



And then here, I used another skirt to measure how long I wanted to skirt to be. Also, be sure to leave a split in the back of the skirt. Trust me, you are going to need this in order to be able to work correctly. LOL Then for finishing touches, fray the bottom of the skirt to add to the distressed look.  And you are done!



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