Halloween Time! – Akasha Queen of the Damned Costume

I absolutely love, love, love Aaliyah, Halloween, and making my own costumes. So it was only obvious that one day I would take on the task of becoming Akasha, Queen of the Damned! I actually made this costume earlier this year for Phoenix Comicon but I just had to share it with you because Halloween is right around the corner! Below are some pictures of how I made this costume.
For the chest piece I decided to use leather for our local Tandy Leather store. Leather, when wet, becomes mold-able and then dries in the shape that you want.
Here is the chest piece all dry and shaped.
I hand painted the pieces with copper acrylic paint.
I used red sequin fabric to make the neck piece and the waist belt (see below).
The jewelry and skirt were purchased because I ran out of time.
I used scrap pieces of EVA Foam for the head piece.
You can mode EVA foam by heating it with a heat gun, then bending it to the shape that you want, and holding it until it cools.
I hand painted the head piece with the same copper acrylic paint.
And below is the finish product! What do you guys think? In the picture below you will also see that I made arm cuffs using the same leather material and also made the fabric part attached to the cuffs. I had the time of my life dressing up as Akasha and I feel that if Aaliyah was alive today she would be proud. RIP Aaliyah <3
Have fun coming up with your costume ideas and I hope you all have a safe and spooktacular Halloween!
Make-up, vampire teeth, and contacts? Check!
Here’s a picture of me with the Mother of Dragons – Daenery Targaryen (Game of Thrones) which is another awesome Halloween costume option!
Happy Halloween!

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    Wow, is this something that you do for other people? Because if you do, I need a couple of costumes made for an anime convention that I’m going to in January 2015….Let me know.

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