Easy DIY Gift – Fleece Scarf


Wondering what to give someone as a gift? Do you have some leftover fleece material? Well have no fear, I just the right idea! 😀 lol (I’m such a nerd.) Anyway, as it was getting closer and closer to Christmas, I was still struggling to figure out what else to give my assigned Secret Santa family member. I asked my boyfriend for some ideas but the only thing he could offer up was that the person I had likes the Raiders… “Hmm, okay he likes the Raiders”, I thought. Then, light bulb! I know! I’ll make him a scarf! And a Raiders scarf was thus created…

Materials Used: Less than 1 yard of fleece fabric, matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, ruler, and a scarf that you already have to use as a tracing pattern.


Cut your fabric: Lay your fabric out and then lay the scarf on top.

Cut out the same shape as the scarf but add about an inch to all sides for the seam allowances. If you are making a scarf from a man you may want to either use a man’s scarf as a pattern or add about 6″ of length to each side.


Hem your fabric: Hem both of the long sides of your fabric by folding

in the edges 1/4 of an inch and sewing and then folding it over again and sewing.


Making the fringes: Next, on the short ends of our fabric

you will be cutting strips that are 3 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide.


Finish touches: Stretch, twist and make knots at the root of each strip.

But be careful not to stretch too long as it may break off. And you’re done! 😀

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