Woodland Elf or Mother Nature Costume – Phx Comicon 2015

Phoenix Comicon 2015 was so much fun! But man did we work like crazy to finish our costumes just in time. Yes, as usual we waited until the last minute to get started. Its so hard committing to an idea but once you start, there’s no turning back; at least not for us that is. I had so many ideas on what I wanted to be, but nothing was getting me exciting. I’ve always loved the world of fantasy. Some of my favorite movies til this day is Legend, The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth, and Furngully. So, this year at the last minute I had decided to be a Woodland Elf creature. I would have preferred to be a fairy but Comicon is way too crowded to be wearing fairy wings. They would have been knocked around so many times that I would have gotten irritated. Trust me, I know this from experience.

Anyways, you know me, I couldn’t just be just any old regular elf, it had to be more. ;) I was thinking more like, Lord of the Rings, regal, and powerful. For my costume I used a McCall’s pattern M6819. It took me about 4 days to finish making this corset coat piece. I also made some brown pants similar to the pattern picture below but the pants were not included in this pattern. I made my own pattern for them. The pattern instructions weren’t too difficult to follow. I found my fabric from Joanns and also SAS, our local fabric store.


IMG_20150518_223959 IMG_20150518_224045

Since I was going with a Lord of the Rings level of a costume, of course I needed a headpiece, some wrist cuffs, and a walking stick. LOL! To create the headpiece and wrist cuffs I used Worbla for the first time ever. Let me just tell you that this material is amazing! Its a type of non-toxic thermoplastic that is extremly moldable when you heat it up using a heat gun. Once it has cooled, it hardens and holds the shape. You can sand it, pant it, and it sticks to it self and other worbla pieces when heated. It’s an awesome material to try when you are doing some serous costuming. Let me just say though that it’s not cheap. Here’s where we bought ours from.

IMG_20150523_230414~2 IMG_20150528_230931~2

Okay now lets talk elf ears. I didn’t want to buy those fake plastic ears, I wanted to make my own. Something that I new would match my skin tone for sure. :) So after searching Pinterest and YouTube I found this easy tutorial where you use liquid latex on a clay sculpt. It took me three tries to get the perfect pair of ears. After that I painted them with some of my liquid foundation. If I were to do it again, I would mix some of my foundation in the liquid latex so that I don’t have to worry about painting the ears to match my skin tone. I applied the ears using Spirit Gum.

Below you can see me testing the ears out. I decided to be a Vulcan Star Trek officer on one of the four days we were at Comicon. I even did the eyebrows! It’s amazing what wonders a little glue stick can do on your eyebrows. ;) (I did not make this dress.)


And last but not least, my walking stick. Materials: PVC pipe, twine, clear plastic fillable ball, fake plant vine, acrylic paint, white spray paint, and LED lights. I don’t have much to share with the process for this prop because my boyfriend worked on this for me.

My boyfriend was Amon from Legend of Korra. I made his grey hooded vest/jacket. He made the mask and armor pieces. I was going to be Korra but I thought it was too close to my costume last year.

Screenshot_2015-05-25-00-58-53-2 Screenshot_2015-05-26-20-50-41-2

Well, that’s all. I’m sorry I don’t have more pics to share. We were so busy trying to finish in time that I kept forgetting to take more process pictures. There’s the Fan Fest this fall in Phoenix that we are thinking about going to. As of right now, our plans are to start early with our costumes. But man I don’t know, we work so well under pressure. LOL ;)





Photo credit for the pic above to Phoenix NewTimes! Check out more awesome costumes here!


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DIY – Spring Wedding Two Piece Crop Top and High-Waisted Maxi Circle Skirt



Spring has sprung and so has wedding season! We recently attended the wedding of one of my boyfriend’s really good childhood friends and back when we heard the news of their engagement I just knew I had another reason to create a new outfit. LOL.

Since it was going to be a backyard wedding, I knew I needed something light, not too formal, and something that said “SPRING”.  So, I decided to create this two piece outfit; a crop top with high-waisted circle skirt.

I created the pattern for the top based off a cute jumper that I had. I used some stretchy lace fabric that I got a while ago from and some floral fabric from Joanns. Because the fabric was so slippery and thin I decided to hand sew the two pieces together. This was my first time and while it was time consuming and very tedious, I am really happy with the results. The bottom of the top has an elastic band. The back has a zipper and a hook and eye closer at the top. I used my serger to hem the neck and arm holes.

The skirt was made with the same floral fabric from Joanns and some lining as well. It’s a basic circle skirt of which I included a waist band, a side zipper, and pockets. I did not hem the bottom of the skirt.

So here are finished looks!  I wore it to the wedding and received lots of compliments. It was just right for the temperature outside and perfect for dancing the night away with our friends. <3

R0002339 R0002341R0002334

Oh, hey here’s me tying something out. I decided to see what the top would look like with my denim cutoffs. I think I could rock this look with no problem. :D

R0002319 R0002324 R0002326

And here are some progress pics for your viewing pleasure

IMG_20150309_201912 IMG_20150309_204739 IMG_20150311_185929 IMG_20150403_220204 IMG_20150403_220259IMG_20150212_185736~2


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Why, Hello there!!

Hi there!

I know it’s been a minute since my last post :(. I  plan on posting within the next couple of days, a two piece top and skirt outfit that I’ve been working on for a wedding coming up. Please stay tuned! In the mean time, if you have a moment check out this article in the Phoenix New Times about lil ol me where I talk about my inspiration for fashion and costuming!




DIY Men’s Vest

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful NYE!  <3

This year I decided to do something a little different. Instead of making something cute for me to wear for the holidays, I decided to play dress up with the BF and make him a VEST. :D

I was a little too excited to try this little challenge! It was my first time working with a men’s pattern. I used Simplicity 2346 and chose to do style B. Overall it was pretty easy. I would say the difficult part for me was doing the button holes because it was my first time making button holes using a sewing machine. I was really nervous because men’s fashion can be so simple but what stands out and is important are the details. And I knew that if I messed up on the buttons and button holes the whole garment would be ruined. After going back and reading my sewing machine manual several times, looking a few youtube videos, and doing lots of test runs on scrap fabric, I finally got it. :) I must admit, they are not perfect, but they will do. :) Oh yeah and the pocket was a little difficult for me at first but I got it after take two. LOL

I’m happy that it fits him pretty nicely! He’s a tee-shirt and jeans kind of guy and he actually likes it! Check out the final product below. I had him turn it inside out so that you could get a good look at the lining fabric but it’s not reversible. It would be even cooler if it was. Maybe on the next one. :D



  • Simplicity Pattern 2346, Style B
  • Cotton Green Solid Fabric from Mood
  • Army Camo Lining from Joanns
  • Nautical Vintage “looking” buttons from Joanns
  • Plus additional notions listed on pattern

R0002241~2 R0002242~2 R0002244~2 R0002245~2 R0002247~2 R0002249~2 R0002251~2


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DIY White Midi Dress

I tend to break the rules when it comes to fashion and I believe it’s never too late to wear white. I actually made this dress back in the summer. It was pretty fun and easy to make.

So the top part is a full midi dress. The fabric is stretchy and has cutout squares. It kind of reminds me of some stretchy jersey (like basketball jersey) material. I got it from a local fabric store. Underneath I created a crop top and midi skirt as the lining, using stretch polyester material. I like how it shows through the cutouts. I really like how it turned out and I love how its so comfortable. If I had to make it again though, I would maybe add a zipper to the back or to the side, to make it a little easier to get in to lol. Oh well, live and learn. That’s what this is all about! :D

This piece is pretty simple to style. But, since it’s starting to get cold out, I just added a layer for warmth. Below I paired it with a sweat shirt that I got from Urban Outfitters, thus turning this midi dress into a midi skirt. :D

R0002221R0002226R0002217    R0002213


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Sweater Weather – DIY Pullover Sweater


I really loved working with this pattern, Simplicity 1317, because it was so easy to make. I think it took me about an hour from start to finish to make, that includes cutting out the pattern, ironing it, pinning it to the fabric, then cutting it all out, and sewing it all together. Since I had lots of fabric left over after making this, I decided to make a pencil skirt too. The pencil skirt was made by using another skirt as a pattern.

Due to the fabric choice, this is a pretty versatile piece. I’m thinking I can wear it pretty casual or dressy, and I actually think I’m going to wear this to work one day.I hope to make more sweaters using this pattern. I was even thinking about making a sweater dress but we will see.

No alterations were made to this pattern. The fabric is from Mood Fabrics.  The boots are from NastyGal. 

What do you think? :D I’m trying to think of what to work on next. Are you working on any winter wear right now?



PhotoGrid_1415218179263 PhotoGrid_1417222040420 PhotoGrid_1417222052073 R0002126~2PhotoGrid_1417222067952 PhotoGrid_1417222080136 R0002107~3_1 

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Framed Jewelry Hanger Wall Accent DIY

I’ve been in the mood to get my dressing room organized. After living in our house for 3 years its finally done! I’m so happy I finally have a decent spot to get ready in. Now I’ve just been doing some finishing touches here and there with some fun DIYs. I wanted to share with you this easy Framed Jewelry Hanger Wall Accent that I finally got around to making. I found the frame at IKEA and the other materials from Home Depot. This was a quick, fun, and an easy project and I love the way it turned out. Check out how it was done :D


  • Some sort of frame
  • White Pegboard
  • Hook and eyes for the pegboard
  • Spray paint of your choice for the pegboard


Here I used the cardboard backing that came in the frame to trace the oval needed for the pegboard.


Then I had my boyfriend cut the oval out using his hand saw.


Here I just sanded it a bit on the top and on the edges. This helps makes it nice and smooth and gets it ready for the spray paint.


I used a purple color but its kind of hard to see here. While I was at I it also sprayed some wall candle holders that were originally black. IMG_20141005_002910

Here is the finished look after the paint. :D


Then added the hook and eyes.


And here’s the final look! I think it came out pretty cute!  :D I hope you find this inspiring and maybe give something like a try if you haven’t already done so!




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End of Summer Days 2 of 3 – Retro Bathing Suit

I know summer is pretty much over but its hard to come to terms with that when you live in a desert like I do LOL. Also, I couldn’t let this year pass without making another bathing suit, this time for me, and not sharing it with you. Because I was so floral crazy earlier this year I was able to find the same print of floral that I had used for my floral circle dress but the material type was different. It kind of reminded me of scuba material so I figured that it would be great for a bathing suit. It was nice and thick so no lining was needed and had just enough stretch but also held stuff in LOL. So the bottoms were pretty easy to make. I used Butterick pattern B4526 to make the bottoms. Now the top, that was a different story. I tried using a pattern to make the top but the fabric was way too thick to do all the folds and what not. So, at a certain point I gave up trying to follow the pattern and just ended up free styling it. The top came out okay, I think it needs some kind of built in support but I haven’t yet figured out boning and wiring.

Overall I was pretty happy with the way it turned out!! What do you think? Below are pics of the finished pieces. I even tried messing around with styling the bottoms as an outfit, mixing prints and patterns inspired by Solange Knowles. :D


  • 96% Polyester 4% Spandex fabric from Joanns Fabrics
  • Butterick Pattern B4526 for the bottoms

IMG_20140917_182252 IMG_20140917_182322


M07A8147 2M07A8156

M07A8181 M07A8188

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Tulle Maxi Circle Skirt

I wanted to share this too cute maxi circle skirt that I made for a customer using tulle. I’m so happy with the way it turned out that I’m thinking about making one for myself. Just have to decide on a color. Now let me tell you, sewing tulle is no joke! To make it as fluffy as you want, you have to keep adding layers and layers of tulle/ But man the more you add, the harder it is to maneuver while sewing!

The colors used for this one was inspired by the Disney movie Maleficent and will be used for a costume. That reminds me! Halloween is right around the corner! I need to start thinking about my costume! Anywho…

I used the following materials:

  • 1 inch elastic for waist band
  • Yards and yards and yards of black, purple, and green tulle
  • Black mesh
  • Black lining fabric

This skirt required a lot of fabric, one because it is a maxi skirt, two because it is a circle maxi skirt, and three because it needed to be fluffy like a tutu. So if you do end up making one then be prepared to buy lots of tulle. The first layer was the lining, then I added the mesh to add to the bulky and fluffiness of it. After those two, then I added 5 layers of the tulle, 4 of which was black with the top layer being a mixture of black, purple, and green.

To help me make this skirt, I took a look at Nadira037 and CheapbutChic1 youtube videos. They were really helpful! Nadira037 gives you this really handing calculation that helps you figure out how much fabric you will need depending on your measurements and how long you want the skirt to be. I recommend you check them out if you haven’t already done so! Their tutorials show you how to add a zipper to the skirt but I ended up doing an elastic waist band because I wanted to make sure the skirt would fit the customer, who is 8 years old. Awww! <3 If and when I make one for myself I’ll probably add the zipper in.

Please check out my pics below and let me know what you think. Have you ever made a tutu/tulle skirt before. What was your experience? Do you have any tips and tricks to share? I would love to hear from you. :D













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End of Summer Days 1 of 3 – Origami Skort

I can’t believe summer is coming to an end all ready. 2014 is flying by guys! But, I must admit that I am looking forward to fall and all the fun options of layers that come with it. Any who, these next couple of post will be on the projects that I have been working on these past couple of months and final had a chance to take pictures in.

This origami skort was supper easy and actually pretty fun to construct. It was like putting together a puzzle because of all the different shapes of the various pieces of the pattern. I think I was able to finish this in less than 4 hours. No alterations were made to this pattern and the pattern instructions were pretty easy to follow.

Below are a few pictures of the finished skort followed by how I chose to style this piece. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. XOXO

Fabric: Cotton; bandana print with yellow accents; purchased from Mood Fabrics.

Pattern: Simplicity #1370 Figure A


Pattern packet


Skort finished

Front View

Back of Finished Skort

Back View

Skort sections view

The shorts behind the skirt flaps


Pocket and seams

Side Pockets


bottom front

Seams and hems


IMG_20140828_224728 Pockets Flip A Flip B IMG_20140828_224552IMG_20140828_224453



Top: Charlotte Russe

Skort: DIY

Shoes: Chuck Taylor Classic Converse High Tops 

Hat: Purchased at the Mrs. Carter Tour Concert 

Lipstick: MAC “Matt Instigator AA3″ with MAC “Night Moth” lip pencil 

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