Spring Peplum Blazer and High Waisted Shorts

Spring has sprung all up in my style taste buds for sure because I’m all about floral prints. Please bear with me as I go through this phase. :D I wanted to make something for spring that was versatile, that can be worn in many different ways and so I decided to make a blazer and short set. For example, I total plan on wearing this as a set, or just wearing the blazer with some jeans, or wearing the blazer to work with some dress slacks, or just wearing the shorts with a crop top or t-shirt! The options are endless!

For the blazer I used the same pattern that I used here but made the following alterations:

  • Shorten the sleeves to have 3/4 length and added faux leather cuffs
  • Switched the look of the collar, adding 2″ to the width of the two front pieces
  • Added a faux leather trim to neckline
  • Added a lining the the inside of the jacket
  • Added a zipper

To make the shorts I:

  • Used a pair of shorts that I already had as a pattern
  • Added a high waist band
  • I also added the faux leather strips to the side for a tuxedo look to them
  • Zipper in the back.



Wearing: Blazer and Shorts  - DIY

Top: Tribal Crop Top – Urban Outfitters

Tote Purse: Betsey Johnson

Jewelry: Vida V. Jewelry 

_20140325_171842IMG_20140228_190929IMG_20140228_191847IMG_20140228_200332IMG_20140228_214301IMG_20140228_220007 IMG_20140318_201039IMG_20140318_200842IMG_20140318_200905IMG_20140318_200917IMG_20140318_200944 

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Also, stay tune for my Spring LookBook featuring this outfit and a few more pieces I’m working on.


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Beauty Bite Saturday – Featuring Vida V Jewely

Vida V Jewelry

Vida V Jewelry

Vida V Jewelry

Vida V Jewelry



I’m going to let you in a little secret, I’m a closet “rock collector”. I know, I know, I’m a nerd and it’s okay. lol I love crystals, stones, minerals, ect., that contain various properties that can aide in creating and/or boosting positive energy. But it is rare to find KOOL stylish jewelry where they use these types of stones. The ones I usually see are a bit too plain for my taste. That’s why I was so excited to see these designs created by Vida V. Jewelry.

“Influenced by bright colors and organic lines, Vida V Jewelry is for the style-savvy beauty with a love of art, design, and nature. Each vibrant, hand-crafted piece is made with purpose and intention for the woman of any age who expresses her individuality.”

Here, I’m wearing an edgy piece she created using hematite and magnesite. Hematite is a grounding stone. It’s iron content and magnetic properties assist the balance the body’s energy centers, also helping deflect negativity and boosting will power. Magnesite is stone for meditation, helping tune in to the desires of the heart. It also assists with creative vision and clarity of thought.

Her pieces are truly, positively stunning! For more information or to check out her pieces you can find her at http://www.etsy.com/shop/VidaVJewelry and on Instagram @VidaVJewelry.

Enjoy your weekend! <3







REAL Boyfriend Jeans DIY



So, I have to admit, I’ve been feeling the whole, “boyfriend jeans” look. If you’ve been following some of my previous posts you may notice that I tend to lean more to the “casual/sporty/tomboy” mixed with a hint of “girly” look, if that sums it up lol. Anyway, I’m all about stylish comfort and so it was only natural for me to want to add these jeans to my wardrobe. However, once again I could not bring myself to pay anywhere from $70 – $140 for a pair of jeans and so, an idea was born!

I snagged these pair of jeans from my boyfriend. Yes! These are REAL boyfriend jeans! lol He was going to throw them away because the front pockets had holes in them. I just kept them thinking I could reuse the fabric for some other project not knowing that these bad boys would soon be added into my jean rotation. Sweet! Boyfriend jeans for free!!! And the best part about them is that he has already worn them so much that they have a really good distress look to them. 

Want a pair of your own REAL boyfriend jeans? It’s easy!

You can either steal an old pair of jeans from your boyfriend, husband, SO, etc., or you can stop by your local thrift or 2nd hand store and shop in the men’s section.


Once you’ve found a fair of jeans, you will need to measure and pin where you want to make the adjustments. I took mines in about an inch to half an inch. Try the jeans on, without poking yourself with the pins, to see if you have taken them in enough.


IMG_20140321_190338Once you have it pinned the way you like , mark and draw a line where you will need to sew and then sew.

Lastly, trim of the extra fabric after you’ve sewn the sides up. And you’re done! Put them on, cuff them up, and you are good to go.

Tip: When sewing, you may want to use a heavy duty needle, one used to sew denim, and jean thread.

Stay tuned to see how I style these babies. :D


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Wild Sweetheart



I recently had the honor of making THE birthday dress for my sister. Let me just take a quick second to paint a clear picture of this beautiful diva. She is strong minded, knows what she wants and not afraid to go for it. When it comes to her birthday celebrations, there is no doubt that a fabulous shindig will be coordinated regardless of what age she is turning lol. And yes, she is so detailed on what she wants that she plans her own events, making sure that everything is according to her liking. With all that said, when I said I would make her something to wear, she was ready with her long list of, shall I call them, preferences. :p After finally deciding what she had in mind and kinda just giving up and letting me do what I do best, this is what we came up with.

We purchased the fabric from Joan Fabric store.  The pleather material was purchased from a local fabric store.

For this dress I used Butterick B5554 pattern and made the following alterations:

  • Changed top to sweetheart strapless top
  • Added about 4 inches to the hemline
  • Added a split to the back


I used pleather for the trim on the neck line, down the sides (aka tuxedo stripes), and on the bottom of the hemline. It was kind of difficult to work with this fabric. I had to use a heavy duty needle to sew the pleather on the dress.


After a few adjustments to ensure a perfect fit, I was very impressed with how it turned out and how well it fit on her. She loved it! The fabric had great substance to be able to stay up on its own without straps or boning and had just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable wear. Yay! :D

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DYI Circle Skirt




 Wearing: Mrs. Carter concert t-shirt, DIY pleather circle skirt, and Jeffery Campbell heels.

 An essential piece that I feel is a “must have” for your wardrobe is a simple yet edgy black circle skirt. And for that very reason I just had to make another one of these since the zipper broke beyond repair on the last skirt I made. :( This skirt can be worn in the summer or fall. I plan on making more in more colors and patterns. :D 

Materials: About 1 yard of fabric, zipper, thread, sewing machine, scissors, interfacing, ruler, paper for pattern making


Take Measurements

Below are pics of the process. 




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High-waist Midi Denim Skirt – UpCycle


Say hello to my new favorite skirt! A denim skirt like this is a hard find and if you do it may cost you $60 or more. I made this skirt out of a pair of really large jeans I found at a local vintage boutique’s “Fill the Bag” Sidewalk Sale. I was so impressed with my skill of being able to stuff two pairs of jeans and old denim jacket in grocery bag, spending a whopping $5! Anyways I digress… You will want to find a larger pair of jeans so that you will have more fabric to be able to work with when creating your skirt. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I pretty much cut it all up and then tried to figure out a way to put back together as a skirt. But let me warn you that sewing with real denim fabric can be a bit difficult. I think I ended up breaking two needles before switching to a heavy duty needle. Also, be careful if using a serger (interlocker), I had some problems there too lol. But hey, you learn by doing. :D Anyways, here’s how I went about this little project…



First I cut the front and back of the jeans apart from each other.

IMAG1512  IMAG1502

Then I cut the waist bands off both the front and back of the jeans. See two pics above and the one below. Note: You may not want to do this because as you will see later in these pictures I ended up sewing it right back on.



I also separated the legs of both front and back.


Okay now put the peices together, sewing the front legs together and attaching the waist band and then doing the same to the back part of the jeans. But, you will see below that I added a zipper to the back of the skirt.



And then here, I used another skirt to measure how long I wanted to skirt to be. Also, be sure to leave a split in the back of the skirt. Trust me, you are going to need this in order to be able to work correctly. LOL Then for finishing touches, fray the bottom of the skirt to add to the distressed look.  And you are done!



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Combined Before and After

Easy Chair Makeover

What a difference new fabric on a chair can make! I found this old dusty chair out on the side of the road on my way home and had to stop to check it out. It was still in good condition just in need of some new dressings. So, I snag it up brought it home and put in the garage. There it set for a while… I admit I forgot about it lol until yesterday. I got the urge to do a quick makeover project. It was pretty simple with this chair because all I had to do was pop the cushion off and remove the yucky, dustry, fabric and foam.  What was left was a circle piece of wood. I then added new foam and fabric attaching it using a staple gun. I used the left over fabric from my comic bodice I made here a while ago.

Tip: Always keep your scraps because you never know when you might need them.  :D








Up Close

Floral Board

Floral and Pastels Inspiration Board

Floral Board


Lately, I’ve been all about floral patterns and pastel colors. I think my next project with definitely be with a floral print. Below is a picture of some fabric that should be coming in the next week or so. I’m thinking of making a skater skirt with a matching jacket. Also, above a few items that would make for easy DIYs that I might give a try. Like the floral pockets on the jean shorts and the floral pocket on the grey tee. Those are just a couple of easy ways to incorporate floral into your wardrobe without overdoing the flower pattern. 

Black Multicolored Botanical Stretch Cotton Print - Mood

Black Multicolored Botanical Stretch Cotton Print from Mood Designer Frabrics

Valentine’s Day Inspired Nail Design


I wanted to do a Valentine’s Day DIY sewing project but just ran out of time. Instead I wanted to share with you this Valentine’s Day inspired nail art. I’m all about getting my nails did with all the cute little designs out there but it can cost a pretty penny if you keep the habit up every week or two. So, for us “Do It Yourselfers” I wanted to show you that you too can have funky nail designs for half the price (with a little bit of practice ;). For the DIY I had my sister, Megan, do my nails. Check out this quick how to on achieving the look.

Materials Used: Several nail polishes in various colors including a clear polish, nail glue, nail art of your choice, nail art brush for drawing, and those little wooden sticks that you use to pick up the nail art and place on nail :)

Nail Polish 2

Nail Polish 1

The colors that were used on my nails was hot pink, light pink, white, black, and silver glitter confetti.

Nail Art

Small white pearls and hearts were also used on my nails.

So the idea is to first plan your design out and then you just go for it! It’s pretty much a trial and error type of process LOL. When placing the nail art on the nails we first placed a clear coat of polish down and then laid out the design. Next, you will want to seal them with the nail glue. If not, the designs wont last too long on your nails as it will start to fall off within hours. Also, don’t forget to use the nail brush to draw cute nail designs. Don’t be afraid to try different designs. You have nail polish remover so no worries ;)

HandAnd that’s pretty much it! I am pretty happy with how my nails turned out. Good luck with your nails and I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Easy Midi Skirt


This easy midi stretch skirt can be made in an hour or less and is really good for beginner sewers. Just grab a cool pattern or solid color in stretch jersey knit fabric and you will have you a new addition to your wardrobe in no time.

Materials: 3/4″ Non-Roll Elastic for waist band, 1 yard of stretchy fabric, matching thread, sewing machine, skirt to use as a pattern

Note: If you don’t have a skirt to use a pattern you will need to make your own pattern. This can be done by first taking the measurements of your waist and largest area of your hips. You will also need to measure how long you want you skirt. Then add about 1/2″ to each side for a seam allowance. Now on your pattern paper draw the line at the top of your paper that measures out to your waist measurement. From that line go done about 8 inches. Next you will make two marks to indicate the measurements of your hips. Now, from the top of your waist line measure and mark the length of your skirt. Connect all lines and you should have a simple midi skirt pattern.


Here you can see that I’m using a similar skirt as my pattern.

Pin and cut your fabric using your pattern.


Next, sew the side seams of the skirt.


Now, hem the bottom of the skirt.

You can see here that I used a serger to finish the edges but you don’t

have a server you can just use a zip-zag stitch on your sewing machine.


And now fold the bottom over one more time about 5/8” and top stitch,

remember to stretch the fabric a bit as you sew since you are working with stretchy fabric.

IMAG1565 Next, take your elastic waist bad and cut it to measurement of your waist minus 1 inch.

Then sew the two ends together to create a circle.

Now, pin the band to the waist of the skirt, stretching the band evenly to fit around the waist of the skirt.


Sew the top of the waist band the the top of the skirt together all the way around.

And then fold the waist band in and you are done!